Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Touchpad On 6 Cell Models

On the forums at some owners of the 6 cell Wind are noticing new touchpads. The 6 cell Wind uses a Sentilic touchpad, instead of the Synaptic touchpad found on the 3 cell. The Sentilic, which does not support touch scrolling, uses a system were tapping the corners moves the page. For more information on new touchpad, click the link below.

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Nickname said...

That's not exactly correct. Two problems with the newer touchpad:

A) there is no driver yet that disables "tap to click"... unless you have the daintiest of fingers, this makes accurate control of the computer impossible

B) you can "tap to scroll." Inother words, there is a rather pathetic ability to scroll by tapping repeatedly in the corner of the pad (as though you were tapping on the arrow keys). This is a far cry from what normal touchpads offer (think: scroll zone). MSI so far is claiming to users that "tap to scroll" is functionally equivalent to "slide scroll"