Tuesday, June 3, 2008

$499 Wind Shipping June 16 With Atom Onboard

MSI has just released the shipping date, June 16, as well as the CPU which is now Atom and the official price of wait, $499! Big surprise with Atom since we knew this way back in March. But the real shocker comes in the price! $499 Wind comes with Windows XP, 80GB HDD, and Bluetooth. EEE PC will sure to stumble off the throne. June 16, which is almost two weeks from now will launch the Wind, hopefully becoming king of the hill for ultraportable laptops. To read more the topic click the link below

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oOodubblebubbleoOo said...

Why is the MSI with Linux coming out later... Why is the one with windows better than the one with Linux... Why is the Linux one cheaper... just why?