Monday, May 19, 2008

MSI Wind Desktop PC

The new MSI product is a spin off of the Wind but in a desktop mode. The announcement of the desktop, follows closely with EEE PC and thier desktop counterpart. Here are some pics of the desktop.

The desktop looks a little Wii-ish but from this angle you can see a DVD drive, mic in, audio out, two USB's, and a 4 in 1 card reader.

Here the desktop is upside down, the motherboard featuring Intel Atom processor at 1.33 Ghz. The hole at the bottom is for the DVD drive. The only thing missing is a HDD, but it does have to power connectors so one might go in the empty space.

Here is the back of the mini tower (if you can even call it that) which has all the audio jacks, (very surprising) four USB's, an ethernet port, VGA out, and a fan to keep the Atom CPU from getting hot.

To read more on the MSI Wind Desktop and for benchmarks of the Atom CPU click down below:

MSI Desktop Benchmarks
Courtesy of Slash Gear

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